Hope Ride

Where Single Cows Mingle!

Ask A Cow:

Dear Elsie,
I’m very attracted to the bull in the next pasture. I’m not sure he knows of my feelings and he does seem to have a number of “girlfriends” in the barn lot. How do I let him know I’m the heifer for him?

Dear Buttercup,
Run away from this Don Juan as fast as you can! I think a little getaway to the Hope Ride is just the thing for you. Mark the date (9/16) on your COWlendar. Bring all your best barnyard buddies, even that spelling spider.  To quote Harry Caray “Holy You!” See you at www.hoperide.org
See you on the farm,

Dear Elsie,
I have a friend (Buck) who would like to know more about you.
Regards, Buff

Dear Buff,
My Turn-Ons include: Sweet Alfalfa Hay, Vegans, India for vacation (they totally get us over there), Bulls holding the Barn Door open for me, and Basketball…especially when they stall.
My Turn-Offs include: Non-Dairy Creamer, Almond Milk, Steak Houses, Margarine, Velveeta, and Lactose Intolerance…Why can’t we all just get along?
Favorite Web Site: cowharmony.com “where single cows mingle”!
Favorite Thing to do: The Hope Ride.
Thanks, Elsie

Dear Elsie,
Do you really think California cows are happier than Indiana cows?
Dear Clairabell,
Indiana Cows are happier by far…No traffic jams, smog, or Arnold Schawrzenegger! Plus Indiana Cows get to hang with the Hope Ride! Saturday, September 16.

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